Ellesmere Hero


Compact and Chic


Explore comfort for any space, with the cozy Ellesmere.

This spa features a revolutionary layout, offering three seats within a universally sized frame. Still promising relaxation, the Ellesmere’s 20 jet layout creates gentle currents in each seat of this spa.

With such an intimate design, it is easy to welcome in ease.

Minimal Footprint, Maximum Relaxation

The Ellesmere offers exceptionally diverse seating in such a compact spa. This hot tub features one reclined lounger with back and foot focused jets, as well as two upright chairs, providing unique and calming hydrotherapy. The Ellesmere’s chic size makes this spa perfect for any space, allowing hot water therapy to be easily accessible.



Explore gentle hydrotherapy with the Ellesmere’s 20 jet and one pump system.

Build Your Spa Version 1.19

Explore a diverse range of shell colors, jets, and cabinet finishes.

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  • Jets
  • 1 Pump
  • Shell
  • Platinium Swirl
  • Kahalari
  • Dakota
  • Espresso
  • Cabinet
  • Graphite Grey
  • Purple Rain

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Designed to Connect

Your Spa. Your Space.

How We Stand Apart

Shortening Water Care from 30 Minutes to 30 Seconds

Remotely monitor and help maintain your spa with Spa Boy®

Long-Lasting Durability, Always Warm to the Touch

Strength meets comfort with our self-supporting, and heat harnessing composite shell

Energy Efficient to Help Save You Money

Our FreeHeat™ design traps internal warmth, lowering energy needs and keeping your spa frost free

Simple and Easy Spa Maintenance

Effortlessly reach all internal components through removable doors in our Total Access cabinet design

Say Goodbye to Site Set-Up

Forever Floor™ removes the need for a concrete pad, leveling ground and keeping unwanted pests out

SDS Hydrotherapy. It’s So Good, It’s Super-Duper

Custom SDS seat supplies one-of-a-kind power, giving a therapeutic massage every time

Explore our full-range of over 60 standard and optional features

Water Volume
230 US Gallons / 871 litres
Height: 99cm / 39″ / 3′
Width: 157cm / 62″ / 5′
Length: 218cm / 86″ / 7′